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Anneka Svenska interviews Nigel

Filmmaker Anneka Svenska interviews Nigel Marven on the topic of 'How to make it as a Wildlife Presenter'.


Join me at Greenwich Theatre - 18th September!


I'll be at the Greenwich Theatre a week on Sunday (18th September), with my favourite pets, anecdotes and film clips of some of the best moments of my career! Here's a sneak preview of what's in store... Get your tickets now at:

September 2015 video blog


Hot off the press - my new blog starring Beaky the burrowing owl playing conkers!

Ten Deadliest Snakes: Season 2 - series title tease


Don't miss the new series, showing Sept 29 - Oct 2 at 2pm & 8pm

Elsa from Frozen in turkey attack!


Cruise Ship Adventures Trailer Episodes 5 & 6


Some highlights of Episode 5 & 6! An Indian Ocean Odyssey showing on UKTV Watch 2nd June at 8pm, An Antarctic Voyage showing 9th June 8pm.

Cruise Ship Adventures Trailer Episodes 3 & 4


Episode 3 showing on UKTV Watch 19th May at 8pm, episode 4 showing 26th May 8pm. Don't miss it!

Cruise Ship Adventures Ep 2 & 3 trailer


Check out some of the highlights of the next two Cruise Ship Adventure Episodes! Now showing on UKTV Watch, Tuesdays at 8pm.

Nigel Marven wrestles an enormous reticulated python!


While filming a new series of Ten Deadliest Snakes in Malaysia, Nigel almost bit off more than he could chew with this giant python!

Kiss of the Hummingbird


In the Enchanted Garden near Bogota, Colombia, Nigel experiences the touch of a hummingbird's wings on his face, filmed in incredible slow-motion!

Snake gives Nigel a bloody nose!


Filming a piece for his new series, Wild Colombia, Nigel gets more than he bargained for from a snappy tree boa!

False water cobra


This clip features some cine film footage of Nigel as a young boy, and a scene involving a snappy false water cobra from the 2007 series Jaguar Adventure.

Gentoo penguins


Nigel travelled to the Falkland Islands in January 2007 to meet penguins, seals, albatrosses and killer whales. In this clip he finds himself surrounded by ridiculously friendly gentoo penguin chicks.

Rockhopper penguins


Rockhopper penguins are pint-size birds that somehow managed to negotiate crashing waves and jagged rocks every time they return from a fishing trip. This clip was shot on the Falkland Islands.