Nigel's Favourite Places

A guide to the destinations that have really made a big impression on Nigel over the years. This section will be updated regularly to form a compendium of some of the planet's most exciting locations.


Red panda

Finally, the charming but rare red panda. It’s been a long-held ambition of mine to find this animal in the wild and I was able to realise this after exploring the forests of Wawushan Mountain. There are only about 3,000 of these amazing creatures remaining in the wild. China has made it a priority to preserve places like the Wawushan plateau, so hopefully people will be able to see them in them in their natural environment for many years to come.



Malaysia: Nigel has been to Malaysia many times in his career and is always inspired by its magnificent landscapes and diverse wildlife. In recent years, Nigel visited Borneo for the filming of ‘Eating Wild’, a series that he co-presented with Malaysian chef Anis Nabilah. The pair explored some of the country’s nature reserves and animal sanctuaries, and Anis cooked some fabulous Malaysian dishes! Nigel returned to Malaysia in early 2015 to film an episode for the second series of ‘Ten Deadliest Snakes’, where he met worshippers and vipers at Penang’s famous snake temple and took a boat trip through the mangrove swamps of Langkawi.


China: During 2010 and 2011 Nigel spent much of his time exploring and filming the vast and diverse natural wonders that China has to offer for his series ‘Untamed China’. His encounters with the wildlife and the people there have secured a special place in his heart for this country.


Japan: Nigel has visited this island nation several times over the course of his career. This section covers his most recent trip, in 2008.