Nigel's Photo Gallery

An exciting selection of images personally selected by Nigel, including exclusive shots available nowhere else in the world.

Ugly Animals

Florida, USA, 2005: the world’s ugliest frog?

Nigel clutches one of the oddest-looking amphibians in the world, the wibbly-wobbly Budgett’s frog. This chap has such a wide gape he’s got a head like a flip-top kitchen bin. In addition to that, his loose wet skin gives the impression that he’s just been prised from a very unattractive jelly mould. But that gape means he can catch and consume very large prey items, not a bad trait when you’re a hungry frog in stiff competition for food. Yet again, we find that ugliness has its uses.

Budgett’s frogNaked mole ratsWhip scorpionGurning!       

Cruise Ship Adventures

The Cruise Ship Adventures Gallery has 10 fantastic photos from filming on cruise journeys to exotic locations all over the world.


The Webosaurs gallery contains 12 exclusive photos from the filming of a collection of unique Nigel ‘webosodes’ in the USA, December 2008.

Polar Bear Adventure

The Polar Bear Adventure Gallery showcases a dozen photos from the making of Nigel’s 2007 series on Arctic wildlife. They’re guaranteed to make you feel a bit chilly.

Killer Whale Islands

The Killer Whale Islands Gallery contains 12 behind-the-scenes photos from the making of Nigel’s documentary on the remote and windswept Falkland Islands.

Micro Safari

The Micro Safari Gallery is full of exclusive images from the making of Nigel’s ITV show of the same name. In the film, he’s shrunk to 15 mm tall and undertakes a dangerous expedition through a suburban garden.

Prehistoric Park

The Prehistoric Park Gallery boasts ten exclusive images from the making of Nigel’s blockbuster six-part dinosaur series.


The Rhinos Gallery contains behind-the-scenes shots from Nigel’s documentary on the world’s rhinoceroses.

Ugly Animals

The Ugly Animals Gallery gives a glimpse of a few of the stars of Nigel’s documentary on nature’s stranger creations.


In the Archive Photos section, you'll find a very large selection of older images including Nigel’s early years and his wedding. Why not take a look, you never know what you might find…