Sea Monsters

Written to accompany the BBC series of the same name. Read about the seven deadliest seas of all time and the creatures that swam in them. Includes hundreds of colour photos and incredible facts on every creature featured.

BBC Books, 2003; ISBN: 0563488980

Around the World Making Wildlife Films

Children's book describing Nigel's career in wildlife film-making. Complete with many of Nigel's own colour photographs and numerous stories about what goes on behind the scenes.

Oxford University Press, 2000; ISBN: 0198338422

Nigel Marven's Animal Vampires

Children's book to accompany the film Bloodsuckers. Packed with exciting facts and stories, plus several fantastically gruesome colour photographs from the show.

Scholastic, 2000; ISBN: 0439999472

Nigel Marven's Giant Creepy Crawlies

Children's book to accompany the film Giant Creepy Crawlies. Contains information on all the animals featured in the programme, as well as many superb colour photographs from the show.

Scholastic, 2000; ISBN: 0439999480


Book of the ITV/Discovery series, contains many colour photos, stories from the making of the series and masses of facts. Not just a companion to the films, but a fascinating book in its own right. Unfortunately it is now out of print.

Collins, 1999; ISBN: 0002201577

Incredible Journeys

The book of the acclaimed BBC series, which Nigel produced. Describes six remarkable journeys from the animal kingdom, including the story of the barn swallow's flight from England to South Africa and the grey whale's epic swim along the west coast of North America.

BBC Books, 1997; ISBN: 056338736X

Identifying snakes : the new compact study guide and identifier

Compact guide to the world's snakes. Nigel's co-author, Rob Harvey, co-produced Nigel's Alligator and Anaconda films.

Chartwell Books, 1996; ISBN: 0785803718