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Some of Nigel's favourite websites

Wildlife organisations and charities

This Colombian based, non-profit organization is doing fantastic work to protect birds and their habitats in Colombia through research, conservation actions and community outreach. Nigel was recently guided around a number of their fantastic reserves in northern Colombia.
Ventana Wildlife Society
This society recently helped Nigel find and film wild condors on the Californian coast. They have played a huge role in saving the Californian condor from the brink of extinction and reintroducing this species back into the wild.
San Diego Zoo
Nigel recently had the pleasure of filming the giant pandas at San Diego Zoo. Their research and subsequent success with breeding pandas in captivity has contributed to a global baby boom that has reached 300 pandas in zoos and breeding centres worldwide, the target population size necessary to sustain the species into the future.
Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society
This charity does great work protecting the world's cetaceans. Nigel is a strong supporter of their cause and ran the London Marathon to raise money for them in 2008.
Galapagos Conservation Trust
The Galapagos is a unique and delicate ecosystem that is under threat – the GCT aims to raise funds for conservation and education. Visit their website for more information on their latest campaigns.
Vale Wildlife Rescue
Nigel is the patron of this superb wildlife charity. Their running costs are over £15,000 per month, please visit the 'how to help' section of their site - you could even sponsor a rescue animal.
Living Coasts
Nigel was made very welcome when he gave a talk at Torquay's 'Coastal Zoo'. Living Coasts is a unique, world class aquatic visitor attraction, focusing on the conservation of coastal and marine life around the globe.
Proyecto Titi
Nigel was recently introduced to the charming and loveable cotton-top tamarin whilst visiting the Caribbean coast of Colombia. This tiny monkey is only found in this country and Proyecto Titi aims to conserve the species by empowering local people to get involved and benefit from conservation activities.
Orca Network
The North Pacific Ocean is home to resident groups of killer whales that forage in the inland waters of Washington State and British Columbia. A decline in the whale's main food source, Chinook salmon, as well as habitat degradation has put this species under threat. The Orca Network is dedicated to raising awareness of the whales of the Pacific Northwest, and the importance of providing them healthy and safe habitats.

Birding and Wildlife Tour Operators

Wild About Travel
Wild About Travel specialises in wildlife holidays, bird watching tours and culture tours to the countries that they and their local partners know best - India, Bhutan, Ecuador, Panama and Trinidad and Tobago. They arranged Nigel's travel to the Andaman Islands for filming Ten Deadliest Snakes: India.
Everglades Day Safari
Since 1992 Everglades Day Safari has been running fantastic eco-tours in the Florida Everglades, including airboat rides, nature walks and wildlife drives.
Branta Tours and Branta Birding Lodge run guided birdwatching trips to the top birding locations in Bulgaria, Romania, Belarus, Russia, Azerbaijan and beyond. The comfortable Branta Birding Lodge overlooks Durankulak Lake in Bulgaria, ideally situated for visiting birding locations along the Bulgarian and Romanian Black Sea coasts.
Birding in Eastern Europe... from the Baltic to the Balkans!

Rockjumper Birding Tours
Nigel has been on some fantastic birding trips with Rockjumper and they are always helpful with tips and advice. The company run adventures year-round for intrepid wildlife-lovers.
Tropical Birding
Nigel has been with Tropical Birding on various amazing trips, most recently to Ecuador in 2009. See the photo section of the site for images from that adventure some of these adventures.
Costa Rica Gateway
Nigel recently went on a fantastic bird watching trip in Costa Rica with CRG and found them extremely helpful and efficient.

Nigel's Filming Adventures

Polar Bear Alley
Kelsey Eliasson's book, ‘Polar Bears of Churchill' featured in Nigel's Arctic series, and on his site he also writes a fascinating blog about Churchill's bears.
British Antarctic Survey
The helpful cooperation of BAS was integral to the filming of Penguin Safari - some of their scientists even appear in the films! Their website contains loads of fascinating information about the Antarctic continent and the projects they run.
Falklands Tourist Office
Very friendly people who helped with all sorts of aspects of Nigel's 2007 filming trip to the Falklands. The Islands are an amazing place to see wildlife and well worth a visit!
A & C Black
Publishers of superb natural history books and field guides. Nigel uses these to help plan his many trips.


Snake Professional
Nigel uses Snake Professional's Venom Defender Snake Gloves when handling particularly dangerous snakes for filming!
Glades Herp Farm
Based in Northern Florida, the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Glades Herp are renowned experts in captive-bred reptiles, from geckos to crocodiles.
Midwest Tongs
Sell an incredible range of snake-handling equipment (and much else besides), as used by Nigel in the field (watch Anaconda to see Nigel picking up a rattlesnake with this kit).