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Ten Deadliest Snakes: Season Two (HD, 4 x 1hr) UKTV & Fremantle Media

Producer: Nigel Marven (2015)

In this second series of deadly snake shows, Nigel travels to four very different parts of the world to find venomous serpents and other great creatures. Travelling across India, Malaysia, Australia and Europe, the series features incredible scenery as well as thrilling snake sequences.


Nigel Marven's Cruise Ship Adventures (HD, 6 x 1hr) UKTV & Fremantle Media

Producer: Nigel Marven (2015)

In a truly unique twist on travel/wildlife series, Nigel voyages on board a luxury cruise ship, visiting holiday destinations around the world to uncover the wildlife and natural splendours that many tourists miss. The ship's passengers, crew and entertainers all get involved with Nigel's adventures, giving the show a particularly refreshing angle. As the Daily Telegraph said: "…the series is not simply another wildlife show. The cruises that Marven joined for his adventures are authentic ones, and watching the passengers and crew interact with the animals is central to the show's ethos… What sets the series apart is that the cruising element is as important as the animals' appearances, and watching Marven engage with life on board is, in its own way, just as captivating".


Ten Deadliest Snakes: Season One (HD, 4 x 1hr) UKTV & Fremantle Media

Producer: Nigel Marven (2014)

In this first season of an ongoing wildlife adventure series, Nigel visits the reptile-rich countries of Costa Rica, USA, South Africa and China to count down each nation's ten deadliest snakes. The shows are fast-paced and action-packed, primarily presenter-led but also showcasing some spectacular slow-motion and natural history footage.


My Family & Other Turkeys with Nigel Marven (HD, 1 x 1hr), Relativity Media

Producer: Nigel Marven (2013)

In this one-off special, made to tie-in with the release of the animated movie "Free Birds", Nigel unravels the remarkable story of the wild turkey. He looks after his own brood of turkeys in the UK, helping tiny chicks break out from their eggs and raising them to adults. Meanwhile, a combination of natural history footage, reconstructions and interviews illustrates the story of the domestication of the wild turkey, the success of wild turkey conservation in the USA, and the cultural importance of these birds to people.


Whale Adventure with Nigel Marven (HD, 4 x 1hr) Channel Five & UKTV

Series Producer: Nigel Marven (2012)

Nigel travels over 5000 miles, following grey whales as they undertake the longest mammal migration on Earth - from the warm winter birthing lagoons of Mexico, a mother and her newborn calf must travel northwards to the icy seas of the Alaskan arctic. The series covers a multitude of wildlife, as well as interviews with scientists and whale-watchers, and fascinating traditional rituals performed by the native peoples of the Pacific Coast.


Wild Colombia with Nigel Marven (HD, 4 x 1 hour) UKTV & Fremantle Media

Series Producer: Nigel Marven (2012)

Colombia is a naturalist's paradise, with more vertebrate species than any other country on Earth, including over 160 species of hummingbird and more than 800 types of frog. No longer a dangerous place to visit, this was the first film series since it became safer to travel to this diverse and colourful nation. From the Andes to the Amazon, the Pacific to the Caribbean, Nigel journeys to the country's major habitats to meet rare and unusual creatures, many filmed for the very first time.


Hainan Adventure with Nigel Marven (HD, 1 x 1 hour) UKTV & Fremantle Media

Producer: Nigel Marven (2011)

In another one-hour special, Nigel follows in the footsteps of his hero, John Whitehead, an English naturalist and explorer who visited Hainan in 1899. Hainan is China's only tropical province, with much of its fauna first discovered by and named after Whitehead. As well as whale sharks, frogs and fruit bats, we investigate conservation story behind the world's rarest primate, the Hainan gibbon - less than twenty of these apes remain.


Yunnan Adventure with Nigel Marven (HD, 1 x 1 hour) UKTV & Fremantle Media

Producer: Nigel Marven (2011)

This one-hour special concentrates on the wildlife of Yunnan Province in southern China – a region that boasts over half of the country's plant and animal species. We follow Nigel as he finds endangered turtles, snakes, giant salamanders and white-cheeked gibbons. Yunnan is home to the rare green peacock, and we find out how these birds are linked with a famous dance.


Untamed China with Nigel Marven (HD, 6 x 1 hour) Animal Planet & Fremantle Media

Series Producer: Nigel Marven (2011)

China is vast, covering seven percent of the planet's land surface, and this series highlights the country's breadth and diversity by showcasing a variety of habitats and regions, from jungles to mountains to deserts. Never-before filmed creatures like the long-eared jerboa and animals close to extinction like the wild Bactrian camel are captured in spectacular high definition.


Panda Week with Nigel Marven (HD, 5 x 1 hour) Five & Fremantle Media

Series Producer: Nigel Marven (2010)

With incredible access to China’s panda reserves and breeding centres, this series follows Nigel's successful quest to be the first presenter to be filmed with a giant panda in its native habitat. It features intimate behind-the-scenes footage of newborn panda cubs, and a supporting cast of creatures including macaques, giant flying squirrels, golden snub-nosed monkeys and rabbit-sized bamboo rats.


Invasion of the Giant Pythons (HD, 1 x 1 hour) Five & WNET

Producer: Nigel Marven (2009)

Science-based special investigating the problems caused by tens of thousands of Burmese pythons invading southern Florida. These giant serpents can swallow alligators and cougars whole, have up to a hundred babies a year and are even capable of killing people. We use ultra hi-speed cameras to show python strikes slowed down two hundred times, Nigel gets down on the ground with the biggest python ever found in the USA, and we unveil the first footage of a wild python nest in Florida.


Polar Bear Week with Nigel Marven (HD, 5 x 1 hour) Five & Discovery US

Series Producer: Nigel Marven (2008)

This series sees Nigel spend nine months following the fortunes of polar bears in the Canadian Arctic. Shooting around the town of Churchill it includes some fabulous natural history footage, from mother bears emerging from birthing dens with young cubs, to beluga whales massing in the Churchill River. In a gripping finale, the presenter gets down on the ground with two large males, as they spar and play-fight.


Killer Whale Islands (1 x 1 hour) Image Impact Ltd

Producer: Nigel Marven (2007)

An amazing look at the huge variety of wildlife in the Falkland Islands, produced in the 25th anniversary year of the 1982 conflict. Presenter Nigel Marven spends time travelling around the islands during the height of the southern summer, visiting penguin colonies, extremely rare birds of prey and, in one incredible sequence, the titular killer whales teaching their young to hunt. The fascinating natural history and beautiful, rugged scenery of the Islands is captured on hi-def from the ground, air and sea.


Penguin Safari (1 x 1 hour) Five UK & Animal Planet International

Producer: Nigel Marven (2006)

A groundbreaking five-part series, filmed on hi-def over 6 weeks of spring on the remote sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia, site of some of the most spectacular concentrations of wildlife in the world. The episodes follow the lives of three different species of penguin ‘stars’ as well as a ‘supporting cast’ of seals, albatrosses and many more. The crew of seven lived on a small yacht moored off the coast, with two editors working on an edit suite set up below deck to meet the tight turnaround times required for transmission of the show in the run up to Christmas.


The Venom Cure (1 x 1 hour) WNET

Producers: Nigel Marven & Rob Harvey (2005)

Innovative science documentary describing how scientists are creating new drugs from nature’s deadliest venoms. Featuring interviews with academics, doctors and drug designers plus some of the people set to benefit from these new treatments. Contains several CGI sequences showing how poisons invade the human body and how they wreak havoc on our cells plus beautiful natural history of sea snakes, octopuses, squid, vipers and lizards.


Crime Scene Creatures (1 x 1 hour) WNET

Producer: Nigel Marven (2005)

A comprehensive look at how animals and plants help solve crime. Frequently showcases novel scientific camerawork, including numerous time-lapse sequences (a pig decomposes over two weeks), microscopy of single-celled plants and unique 36,000 frame-per-second footage of a bullet penetrating a beef steak. Also includes interviews with several of the world’s leading forensic experts, taking us through their research and recounting some of their favourite case-studies; work from the FBI even indicates that flies and maggots can be enlisted in the war on terror. Shot on location across mainland USA, Canada, Hawaii, Australia and the UK this is a fascinating and highly unusual look at an under-reported area of forensic science.


Bull Sharks (1 x 1 hour) Discovery Communications Inc.

Executive Producer: Nigel Marven (2004)

Portrait of the most dangerous shark of all, the cosmopolitan bull shark. Nigel Marven travels throughout the world’s tropical waters to show that this fish is a real danger to humans. It is at home in both fresh and salt water, and is often found cruising in the shallows. The film features stunning underwater Super 16 footage of the sharks and also topside sequences shot in the Bahamas, Florida, South Africa and Australia.


Meerkats (1 x 1 hour) Discovery Communications Inc.

Executive Producer: Nigel Marven (2003)

Shot on Hi-Definition video entirely on location in Africa, this film follows Nigel Marven as he builds an understanding of those enigmatic mongooses, the meerkats. He meets the scientists who are slowly gaining the trust of these creatures and making incredible observations in the process. Meanwhile the Kalahari Desert, dramatic pans of Botswana and lush valleys of Oudtshoorn are vividly brought to life whilst a supporting cast of scorpions, millipedes, snakes and falcons add to the stunning breadth of natural history in this production.


Piranhas (1 x 1 hour) Discovery Communications Inc.

Executive Producer: Nigel Marven. Producer: Rob Harvey (2003)

Featuring Nigel Marven investigating the fish with the most blood-thirsty reputation in the world. Shot on location in Venezuela, Peru and Brazil, on both Super 16 and digibeta, this film combines cutting-edge natural history sequences with fast-paced documentary-style footage of Nigel encountering these fish first-hand. Includes rare footage of piranhas spawning and never-seen-before interactions between piranhas and their prey.


Anacondas (1 x 1 hour) Discovery Communications Inc.

Executive Producer: Nigel Marven. Producers: Duncan Chard & Rob Harvey (2003)

The anaconda is reputed to reach 30 feet in length, the world’s biggest snake. However, such giants have not been reported in the wild for decades. Nigel Marven and the crew travelled to Venezuela to familiarise themselves with medium-sized anacondas, before venturing deep into Amazonia to search for a real giant exceeding 30 feet. Shot in harsh physical conditions across South America on Super 16 and digibeta, this film includes incredible slow-motion underwater footage of Nigel swimming with an 18-foot anaconda.


Celebrity Shark Week (7 x 10 minutes) Discovery Communications Inc.

Producers: Nigel Marven (Image Impact) and Jeff Strong (DCI). Tx August 2002.

Shark Week is a long-running, high-rating staple of the US Discovery Channel’s summer season. Image Impact produced themed segments which were interspersed throughout the week of shark-related programming. Shot on Super 16 and digibeta in the Bahamas and South Africa, we took several celebrities to enjoy adventures with sharks; highlights included hypnotising a shark with Estella Warren (Planet of the Apes), testing a shark-proof suit with Casper Van Dien (Starship Troopers) and free-swimming with a great white shark in the company of David James Elliott (JAG).



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