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Walking with Dinosaurs: Sea Monsters (2003)


Working once again with the team responsible for Walking with Dinosaurs, I travel to and fro, across a time span of half a billion years, visiting seven deadly seas. Each one is more dangerous than the last. I go down in a shark cage with Megalodon, a shark that grew over 50 feet long. I also time-travel to the Age of the Fishes (the Devonian period), 360 million years ago to meet Dunkleosteus, a giant armoured fish. The most dangerous sea of all (I like to call it Hellís Aquarium) was in the Cretaceous, 70 million years ago.


Sea Monsters is a three-part series. The final shoot was in New Zealand in March 2003. See the Photo Gallery for some stills from that shoot.


Iíve co-authored a book to accompany this series (with the Producer Jasper James). Published by BBC Books, it has oodles of fun facts about the seven deadly seas, and some cracking photos of me with a giant Leedsichthys fish (up to 70 feet long) and a whole assortment of other marine reptiles.



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Walking with Dinosaurs: Sea Monsters (2003)

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