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Modified: 18 Jan 2017

I'll be at the Greenwich Theatre a week on Sunday (18th September), with my favourite pets, anecdotes and film clips of some of the best moments of my career! Here's a sneak preview of what's in store... Get your tickets now!


Modified: 12 Sep 2016

We're launching our brand new DVD of Cruise Ship Adventure - watch the series trailer here. Nigel will be at the Birdfair in Rutland on 20/21 August - find him there to get your signed copy, or pre-order through the shop section of the website.

For the first time, adventurer Nigel Marven reveals another dimension to cruise ship voyages - the extraordinary creatures that live in ports of call. Plunging into Costa Rican jungles, diving beneath Caribbean waves, scrambling up Scandinavian cliffs and over Mediterranean mountains!


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December 2009


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August 2009


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Nigel's first-ever video blog, for June 2009



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Wanda the Faithful Friends presenter and I

Me, Electra and Virginia opossum