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Nigel's first-ever video blog, for June 2009



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Hullo, Nigel here!

My apologies for the constant delays in updating the website. Now it’s almost done, I hope you enjoy it! I’ll be writing a monthly blog (this is the first) and soon there will be fab new features, like video clips and me and my pets.

So what happened in 2008? On October 30th there was a new arrival - for once not a reptile - my wife Gill and I had a little girl, Eleonora. She’s named after a dashing Mediterranean falcon, the bird was named in honour of a 12th century Sardinian princess. Our daughter was looking at birds before she was even six months old!

As for work, in 2008 I was helping with an exciting new project - ‘Webosaurs’ (see gallery). This is a virtual world that will be up and running soon, visitors to the site can adventure in different dinosaur habitats. They can even watch special mini-movies featuring yours truly.

I also did some filming for Faithful Friends, a series shown on Animal Planet US. I talked about ‘Iddy Biddy Buddies’ (reptile pets that are perfect for beginners) and answered wildlife questions from Electra, the young co-host of the show. I’ll be visiting California for a Faithful Friends ‘Red Carpet Event’ on 21st - 23rd April. Check out some video from the show here.

I almost forgot about my cameo role in ‘Primeval’. That was great fun! UK viewers can watch what happened on ITV1 on Saturday 18th April at 6.55 pm. It is episode 4 of the third series, which should be shown in other countries later in the year.

That’s all for now, speak to you again in May.

Best wishes,

Your friend Nigel

P.S. Whenever possible I will also be doing exclusive video clips for this blog from my location every month.


Modified: 16 Feb 2010

Wanda the Faithful Friends presenter and I

Me, Electra and Virginia opossum


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