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I'm at the wonderful Grant Arms Hotel in Grantown on Spey for a week of spectacular wildlife viewing

But tonight, Monday 27th November, I am giving a free lecture at the hotel, so if you are in or around Grantown on Spey tonight at 8.30PM please come along and join me there.

Why not come to my free talk at the Grants Arms Hotel on the 13th of November. I'll be talking about my adventures filming birds in and around water, so make sure you're there.
Check out Grant Arms website for more information:
I look Forward to seeing you!.

Don't forget on the 25th November - 1st December, you can join me and John Pyner on a guided wildlife holiday
Check out Grant Arms website for more information:

We're launching our brand new DVD of Cruise Ship Adventure - watch the series trailer here. Order your copy of this exciting journey now through the shop section of the website.

For the first time, adventurer Nigel Marven reveals another dimension to cruise ship voyages - the extraordinary creatures that live in ports of call. Plunging into Costa Rican jungles, diving beneath Caribbean waves, scrambling up Scandinavian cliffs and over Mediterranean mountains!


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